In full compliance with the norms of food safety and hygiene, Orobica Food S.r.l has developed a scrupulous program of standards control and takes all the precautionary measures necessary to guarantee the preservation and the freshness of its articles.
The program consists in the following steps:

• Periodical controls of the ambiances and of the tools, together with related programs of preventive upkeep
• Identification of the dangers related to any phase of the process.
• Identification and supervision of the critical phases of the process.
• Treatment of non-compliances in the process and the products.
• Corrective actions aiming at constantly improving the service and the quality of the products.

The program also includes the following procedures:

• Meticulous management of the goods, stocked at both cooled and room temperature.
• Preparation of food for tastings.
• Retail of our products.

As to the reception and the delivery, the company has developed a program for the registration of the incoming and outgoing goods:
quality and quantity of the product/material, details of the client/supplier, date of reception/delivery. In case of problems can easily identify their causes and therefore we are able to take corrective measures, so as to reduce the damages and the costs. The conservation temperatures are monitored during all the phases of transportation.

Orobica Food S.r.l. possesses the registration number P8X7Z for food packing, in order to guarantee the freshness of its products.

The company has also developed a scrupulous cleaning and sterilisation program:
in this respect, we collaborate with a team of experts that verify the compliance of the process through periodical inspections and chemical analysis.

All the ambiances of the company are regularly controlled, through preventive measures.

All the employees are bound to attend courses for food operators, focusing on the hygienic measures to be taken and particularly on the following aspects:

• Hygienic aspects of food quality and safety
• Food related diseases and food preservation methods
• Basics of food microbiology
• Principles of HACCP method in relation to industrial contexts,

Visits and inspections of the clients are welcome.

To get a copy of the company self-certification, the technical files of our products, or simply for further information, please contact us at barbara@OROBICA FOOD.com

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